Chinese Satellite Images May Be of Missing Jet Debris: Report

March 13, 2014

malaysian passenger plane missing

China’s official Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday that a government website has published satellite images of what might be debris from the Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing last week.

According to the website, the high-resolution photos were taken around 11 a.m. local time on March 9 over the South China Sea, which is one of the areas where investigators are searching for the wreckage. The website does not confirm the images actually depict the debris of Flight 370.

Chinese Satellite Images May Be of Missing Jet Debris_130414

NBC News cannot currently confirm what is depicted in the photos and whether they are connected to the missing jetliner.

The Chinese media report said the images appear to show “three suspected floating objects” of varying sizes.

The report includes coordinates of a location in the sea off the southern tip of Vietnam and east of Malaysia.

The largest of the suspected pieces of debris measures about about 79 by 72 feet, according to the Chinese report.

Senior U.S. defense and military officials said they have no information on the Chinese satellite imagery. According to one official, “Nothing’s coming up” on their satellite networks regarding these images.

More than 27,000 square nautical miles of sea are being searched in a 12-nation effort, officials said Wednesday, as the hunt for the missing jet entered its fifth day.

— Becky Bratu and Jim Miklaszewski with The Associated Press

Courtesy: NBC news

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