Kavinda wants govt to acquire sharia university

May 8, 2019

UNP parliamentarian Dr. Kavinda Jayawardana in a private member’s bill urged the government to acquire the proposed sharia University established in Batticaloa and have it as a state university enabling students of all religions and ethnic denominations to engage in higher studies there.

He noted that the sharia law had been instrumental in instilling racist, religious tensions among the people and instilled fear of terrorism in people worldwide.

It was a common notion that the sharia law would be taught at the particular university.

“I personally believe that by allowing religious or race specific universities it will only pave the way for religious and racial disharmony within a country. This could also destroy the peace and unity we enjoy in this country and lead to separation among the people.”

Therefore, he urged the government to use the opportunity to establish a university where students of all races and religions could pursue their studies without discrimination.


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