JVP defends right to expression

August 23, 2018

JVP’s art wing, the Society for Socialist Art (SSA) has condemned the government for its recent attempts to block the right to expression.

A statement signed by Premarathne Tennakoon, National Committee Member of the SSA said: Freedom of expression is one of the main rights enjoyed by the people living in a democratic state. The incumbent government came to power with promises to ensure the freedom of expression under its good governance policies. However the government and its cultural affairs minister are acting in a manner which brings the memories of the previous government under which artistes and writers had been suppressed by curtailing their right to publish.

“We condemn the government for banning a series of radio dramas by Malaka Devapriya, a book titled ‘Budunge Rasthiyaduwa’ by K.K. Srinath and a drama titled ‘Mama Kelin Minihek’ by Asanka Sayakkara. The government should have initiated a programme to help promoting art and literature in the country where the artistes suffer many difficulties and economic hardships to publish their work. Instead it has opted to ban the art and literature on flimsy charges. Such actions indicate the way the government is leading this nation.


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