SINGER Sri Lanka ‘records excellent growth’

August 4, 2016

Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC Group’s second quarter financial results continued to display excellent growth fuelled by an increase in Revenue and Net Income.

In the 2nd Quarter of 2016, the Group’s revenue increased 23% to Rs. 11.6 Billion, while net profit improved 60% to Rs 613.4 Million, when compared with the previous year. This included consolidation of new acquisitions.

Group Revenue for the first six months of the year also increased by 23% to Rs. 22.1 Billion, showcasing strong underlying growth witnessed last year and an overall increase of 58% growth over a two-year period.

At the end of first six months of 2016, Group Net Profit was Rs. 1,423 Million, an increase of 115% over the previous year. This included consolidation of new acquisitions and related one-time gains.

Contributing to the growth in Revenue and Net Income were the strategic initiatives undertaken by the Group and the continuing customer demand despite increases in interest rates, exchange rates and VAT.

Some of the pursued new initiatives included opening additional shops, adding new dealers and channels of distribution, improving and renovating shops, securing new brands and distributorships and introducing new products and improving processes.

During the first six months, the Group undertook significant initiatives such as the launch of Singer’s own Credit Card with Visa, launch of the new Singer Smart TV range under the sub-brand Singer Vista, opening of Digital Media Corners in Retail shops, expansion of capacity at its Refrigerator factory, introduction of new Furniture brand for Dealers, thrust into Dealer markets for Computers and Furniture and Institutional Market for Digital Media and Air Conditioners.

The Group also continued its successful campaigns on Refrigerators, Televisions and Air Conditioners. Growth was witnessed in product lines of most sectors. Traditional products such as refrigerators, panel televisions and sewing machines continued to perform very well.

There was stronger impetus in the thrust product categories where smart mobile phones sales grew by 53%, deep freezers 31%, computers by 24%, washing machines increased 17%, air conditioners and air coolers an impressive 77% and 65% respectively.

Singer (Sri Lanka) acquired majority stakes in Singer Industries (Ceylon) PLC and Regnis (Lanka) PLC from its parent company Singer (Sri Lanka) B.V. This resulted in a one-time gain on bargain purchase amounting to Rs. 508 Million.



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