Let’s put a moratorium on communalism – JVP

July 31, 2016

Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran’s suggestion for an MoU between the NPC and the government to divide the ownership of Moragahakanda Project was unacceptable, says the JVP.

“This suggestion by CM Wigneswaran is a clear example for trying to use communalism for his political survival,” said JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressing the opening ceremony of the Sahodarathwaye siththama (Paintings of brotherhood) at the Vihara Mahadevi Park in Colombo on Thursday. The event had been organized by the JVP led socialist students union.

Dissanayake said the CM’s statement aroused communalism. “Is such an MoU needed?” he queried.

He said communalism had become a tool of political survival today. “Some politicians use it to recapture lost power and some use to stay in power. The flag of national reconciliation should be raised against these forces,” he added. The JVP leader said the Northern people should realize that they would not gain anything from separation. “There is a large onion harvest in Jaffna but the market for it is the south. It is same when it comes to vegetable industry in the North. Both North and the South is bound by the market, it is bound by the culture, the road network and by irrigation schemes. “When you consider all these and the history there is potential only for a merger of North and South, not for separatism,” he added.


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