YouTube’s new comment system will give creators more control

November 6, 2016

YouTube has rolled out several new features for its comments section to help creators interact with their fans more personally. “We realize that comments play a key role in growing this connection,” said Courtney Lessard, Product Manager at YouTube. The new features include the ability to pin comments, highlight creator usernames, as well as new hearts icon. YouTube has also introduced a new beta feature that will allow creators to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review. The company plans to roll out the same in the coming months. According to Lessard, the new features will help grow stronger communities and have more constructive conversations in comment sections.YouTube’s pinned comments allows creators to post (or pin) a specific comment at the top of their news feed. However, users will only be able to pin a single comment at a time on their news feed. YouTube has also rolled out creator hearts that can be ‘given’ to favorite comments. “This is a new and easy way to acknowledge comments from your community,” says Lessard.
Up next is change in the way creator usernames appears. Creator’s usernames will now appear with a pop of colour around it, whenever they comment on their channel. Verified users will still have the verification checkmark besides their names, along with the new look.
YouTube already gives creators an option to choose moderators who can remove public comments from their videos. Now, it plans to roll out a new feature that holds potentially inappropriate comments for review. Lessard explains how it works, “If you choose to opt-in, comments identified by our algorithm will be held and you have the final decision whether to approve, hide, or report these comments.” Creators who’re interested in trying out the feature can do so by submitting their channel information.


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